At The Füßen Trainstation

The bells are saying goodbye to me right now. I will be leaving here in a little over an hour, and this place has been absolutely wonderful. It had lived up to all of my expectations, and I felt absolute peace for the first time in… Well, I cannot honestly remember. All the other times I have escaped from where I live, I always felt like it was on a short leash. Here… The mountains rose up to say, “Don’t worry. We won’t let the world see you here. We are the curtain.”

I know I will look back on this later. Perhaps my thoughts will consist of, “What hippy bullshit nonsense were you spewing?” Maybe my friends will think that for me, and I will hope for those curtains again. I think the latter is more likely. Either way, I am going to miss it here.

But… I think over the next few days, I will play less with my hippy side, and more with my goth side. I am heading up to Rothenburg. Bordering Poland, this city was walled around to help protect from invaders and the like. I am going to see if the night watch tour is still going on. It is a man who shows you around the city starting at 8p.

I saw a few hotels and hostels online, and I am sure (like I have seen in the other cities) that there are more there without an online presence. It always makes it fun to discover them and enjoy myself, because those ones are usually the more homey type. I am stoked for this next leg of the tour; partially because the city should be really cool, but mostly because I literally woke up this morning, pulled out my iPad and started looking around on where I wanted to go next.

That is a huge thing for me.

Though, I must admit something a bit sappy. I do miss my friends that I see about once a week. Averey, John and Lilith, some coworkers that are also friends and playing with my guild online. It is something that is weighing in on future decisions that have not become reality yet, like moving out here. If my company expands, would I really be able to do it? I know I have made friends out here already. I know I would make more. But I would be the first of my family in generations to be out here.

My brother and I have a saying that has grown between us. One says, “Keep the Blood” and the other says, “Carry the blood.” It is never fixed between who says what, but I think it depends on the situation. It is talking about the blood of our family line. Typically the one carrying the blood is the one far away from home, carrying the bloodline and its honor to newer lands. He did it when he was in Afghanistan, and now I do it here in Germany.

The reason I bring this up is because I would be, more or less, bringing my lineage closer to home. It comes from Ireland, Scandinavia and here in Germany. The majority of it, anyhow. And I am always told how I look like a Viking too. Heh, so I guess the question becomes, do I stay near my friends and family, or do I stake a claim to old territory that we once roamed and come here?

This, and so much more, to think about. As it comes, I will share it. For now, it is time to wait for the train.

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