Bitter departure, sweet arrival

Leaving Bavaria was a rather hard thing to do this morning. We had the chance to meet Axel, but it was for only one night. Despite the short stay, we seemed to make a tradition out of tinkering with something. This time it was with practicing making a VLAN. It didn’t go well, but we recovered gracefully. But leaving Bavaria on the whole is a very bitter thing.

I feel that we made a huge connection with the area, especially with Iris and Joseph who hosted us for several days. They showed us both the local footpaths to restaurants and scenes as well as the surrounding landmarks. (If you remember from last year, I talked about a chapel that was lit up on a hill– we inadvertently visited that first thing.)

The last few days seemed to reaffirm– despite me getting sick– that we fit into the land like a puzzle piece. It is hard being removed from it, and I believe it is something that we will feel for a while.

The last days here allowed us to visit Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. We went to those with Iris and Lilith seemed to light up through the tours like a castle candle. She had a rather unmistakable glow about her. She really appreciates history and has since made friends with a historical character: King Ludwig II. He loved his people, and I begin to think that he made so many castles simply to give the locals jobs, among other things.

But, I think Lil won’t be disappointed at our next destination. She will have one more taste of history before we depart Friday. Germany, I do not want to leave you.

More pics tomorrow!

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