Despair: It’s incredibly difficult not to feel it sometimes

I know I needed some quiet time on vacation, so I’ve opted out of going to the Viking village over the last few days. Yesterday, I went out and did some photography, and I was quite happy with that. Today, I left myself to my thoughts, because I really hadn’t had time to think about the despair or curiosities that were in my mind.

Some days, it is more difficult to go through those waiting thoughts than others.

Shutdowns, Hostages, Tantrums, and Abuse

Let me get the words about the shutdown that have been stuck in my mind, out:

The GOP has decidedly held countless government jobs hostage in this shutdown until the Democrats drop the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans are making a point to tell the Democrats, “Drop the ACA, or these people aren’t going to get back to work because you’re not compromising.”

I’ve watched a lot of movies in my time, and I have seen many where bad guys go into a building, take the money, and hold people hostage demanding that they receive a getaway vehicle and additional money. They sometimes will even say that it will be the cop’s fault if a hostage dies, because they didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. This does sound a bit familiar in the shutdown, doesn’t it?

A common domestic abuse case might revolve around the victim always being blamed for the hole in the wall that the abuser caused. To recompense, the victim may be told they’re not getting certain things. It certainly fits the criteria for a domestic abuse situation. It also sounds a lot like what is happening with the shutdown on Capitol Hill.