Russia, Ukraine and The Prediction

I think everyone can agree when I say, “what a fucking day.” My heart has been bleeding for Ukraine suffering under Russia, for the fear the world has, and for what the world may have to endure.

I commend Ukraine for standing up against the Russian army, for being defiant to the last. I commend the protesters in Russia for going against the will of an oligarch. I commend the Russian troops that surrendered because that’s not what they signed up for.

But my brain races. I fear what comes. I don’t want to weigh down any one particular person, so I figured that writing here and putting it out in the void that is the internet would be cathartic.

Fixing an Amperage Fluctuation in my ’99 Dakota

This is more informational than anything else, so it won’t fit into any categories I have on my blog. So be it, that’s fine.

Over the last few days, my electrical current problems have become a bit worse. Most recently, I returned from a trip in Prescott hiking. I pulled into the driveway and turned off the truck. I went to open the door, and my cab light didn’t come on. I checked the dash switch for it and it should have been on. No headlights, no stereo. Not even a turn over with the ignition. I fuddled around with the ignition a bit more, and everything came back on. I had grown pretty certain that my alternator was acting up again, and was breaking the circuit. Perhaps fiddling with the ignition barely pushed it into a good position to allow current to resume. Didn’t think much of it.