Dream: My Own Hunger Games

There’s so much that happened in my dream last night, and I can feel it slowly slipping my mind. It’s one of the few dreams I’ve had where it continued after I woke up a few times. (Hooray for drinking so much water.)

It was a variant, because this girl was somehow special. I don’t know if it was super powers or what-have-you, but she had been able to do these awesome things. I never saw any of it in person. There was another guy there who was trying to work his way in. And, there were some points where she visited familiar places. She was visiting down in the mountain areas of the desert, and there was this VTOL that showed up. I knew it was because it was taking us somewhere (I was also involved in this competition/special person thing). She didn’t want to go, but I had to confide that we needed to even though I didn’t want to go either.

We’re back at a prep place, and I can hear her in another room finally break down (there was a letter painted in the tub where I was staying of where I had come from. It was ‘L’ for some reason). So I knock on the wall, and she comes to knock at my door and I told her that I heard her. She said it was all right, but I knew better.

Throughout all of this, it was very evident that we were in love. I had this special connectivity to her, and I didn’t want to see her harmed and I wanted to get her out of this place.

We go through these trials, and are with other people in a forest, but no one is working on killing each other. They’re just surviving the elements. Queue up to it being an illusion, and we’re actually all standing on pedestals just like in Hunger Games. It’s in a building, like a Harkins theater. We’re closed off in this room, and there is an announcement that freedom lies just below, but we can’t jump until the buzzer goes off. The hole opens up, and I look at her and give her a “wait” hand motion.

The buzzer goes off, and several people jump in and are instantly incinerated. A few others (including a disabled boy who was given this mech exo-skeleton) also dive in, apparently in rebellion to the controllers. We’re face with these last two, and then this commander guy opens up the door and says something along the lines of, “Well, if there were ever a time to escape this, it’d be now.”

The escape! I thought. I take her, and pull her along initially. “We have to go!” And eventually I see a friend of mine say, “Follow me, meet me at the door.” I nod and look to her and say, “I’ll be right behind you. Run!” And we run towards the door. It is this Harkins theater.

My friend looks at me at the door and says, “Take the Orion. It’s parked over there,” and hands me keys. She and I both dash over there, our freedom tasted, and I fumble with the remote lock and unlock it. I hear her get in, I start the car and take off out of the parking lot.

At that moment, the dream objectives switch a bit. You know in a dream when you’re trying to do something. And I realize that I am looking at the clock and just a few minutes away from being late for work. I look over to the passenger seat, looking for this person I had experienced all of this with, and it was empty. The seat belt was just dangling there from the momentum of me driving. In my dream, I realize it was just a dream, and I begin waking up.

There were other things that happened in there. Us snuggling during one of the transports (I think the VTOL phased into a bus or something), and we worked really hard at caring for one another. And it ended with me being alone and getting to work in this shitty car. I woke up insanely depressed. After I started thinking about it, I realized something.

My grieving process always starts in my dreams. And it was very symbolic of my last relationship in some aspects. I never got a clear glimpse of who this woman was in my dreams, but I knew she was important. And for that, I’d do anything. And I was left alone. There’s a lot more I’ll process over the day, but I know this dream was important to me. Maybe I will finally begin the healing process.

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