First Leg

And so, it has begun.

The lady is sitting here next to me, grooving to her own tunes, and occasionally nodding off from the sheer exhaustion of the week behind us. We glance out the window of the plane occasionally to look at the clouds or scenery that they reveal. She has told me that she has become comfortable with flying (she wasn’t before), because she gets to sit and just listen to music. It is the small things that make travel enjoyable, and they are greater when you get to share them with someone you care for deeply.

I think the excitement is going to hit her when we are in a place with different languages. I know that it hit me the same way last time, but I didn’t experience that until Berlin, since I went through Heathrow. But we have three stops today, one of which is in Copenhagen. It will be a fun experience, and it will be in the wee hours of Sunday.

By the way, I am envious of Lil. She is able to scrunch herself up into the seat. I can’t even begin to imagine how nice that would be. I suppose that is one of the prices of being a Viking. Heh.

I am glad that I also get to see what I looked like when I got into Germany. I know Lil is very similar to me in that fashion. It might take a bit to sink in, but I know it will happen. For the meantime, it is onward to Washington, DC.

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  1. So glad to know you are there and sharing this trip with Lil. You both amaze me with your connections.
    Thank you for bringing me along in this way.

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