At the end of “The Truman Show,” the boat that he has taken has sailed into a wall. He had found the end of his world, and he realized that there was more beyond it. And as he left, he took a bow and said (essentially), “Thanks for watching.” And he walked out the door.

I have dealt with a similar wall that I have pounded against for 16 years. In dreams and in my waking moments, I often fear that Germany only existed in the pictures that I saw, the video that was shown to me, and through the people that said they were from there. It has felt fake, perhaps because I associate a lot of fiction with computers, the internet and television. Is my fear well placed? Maybe not. But that is what humanity is all about, is seeing if something is real, or if it is fake. And as I write this, the minutes tick away until I am taken to the airport and board the flight past this wall.

The entries, the photos and after some time, the videos that you see as the result of this journey is not done to see the world. It is not done to show people what things look like. Anyone could do that; and with the internet and all forms of communication that have evolved during the 21st century, anything you want to know is commonplace. If I were acting on that principle alone, I would not be taking a camera with me.

What is being documented is a man’s own fear being broken down, and pushed through. You will be witness to a man who is realizing that there is more beyond what he can see, touch, taste, feel or smell. You will witness a man who has taken steps to finally break out and move forward, and fulfill his desire to know that places like Germany are indeed real.

In doing so, I hope I serve some inspiration. I hope that other people see that it is possible, nigh the odds. Truly, the only thing that was holding me back from finding this wall and overcoming it, was myself. I have no one else to blame. This journey may be perilous, pleasing or outright amazing. I do not care of the outcome,, but only that I experience it.

Come with me. Realize what is beyond the images that you’ve seen. Bear this principle in mind as you see through my eyes. It is time, finally, to go.


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  1. Wow my friend. Wow. Now THAT is the goodie room and you have been welcomed to it. I’ve been following along on your blog buddy. I just failed to setup an account sooner. It’s really a breath of fresh air following along with you and looking at all of our pictures. I hope you get lost there and never come back! There’s nothing like that here in the states. I am very happy for you and inspired to follow along in your steps in the future. I know you’re having a blast! Your words and pictures let us all escape to a place far away. Admiring in Arizona ~ Nick

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