Shutdowns, Hostages, Tantrums, and Abuse

Let me get the words about the shutdown that have been stuck in my mind, out:

The GOP has decidedly held countless government jobs hostage in this shutdown until the Democrats drop the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans are making a point to tell the Democrats, “Drop the ACA, or these people aren’t going to get back to work because you’re not compromising.”

I’ve watched a lot of movies in my time, and I have seen many where bad guys go into a building, take the money, and hold people hostage demanding that they receive a getaway vehicle and additional money. They sometimes will even say that it will be the cop’s fault if a hostage dies, because they didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. This does sound a bit familiar in the shutdown, doesn’t it?

A common domestic abuse case might revolve around the victim always being blamed for the hole in the wall that the abuser caused. To recompense, the victim may be told they’re not getting certain things. It certainly fits the criteria for a domestic abuse situation. It also sounds a lot like what is happening with the shutdown on Capitol Hill.

Now, I am not saying that Republicans are the anti-christ or that Democrats are without their share of stains. The NSA revelations rest on everyone’s shoulders over the last few decades. But there is a certain point that is reached, a time of absolute “what-the-fuck” that comes around when people in our government are willing to essentially abandon the people and use them as a bargaining chip because the other guys made something that just might work. They are so threatened by it– their pride and self-righteousness is so immense– that they punish the common people (read: plebs) by depriving them of jobs and access to places such as parks in a total shutdown. How the hell do you close a forest, or a monument for World War II veterans? It costs as much to board those up and make them inaccessible as it does to maintain them for a few weeks.

Come to think of it, these actions remind me of a rather extreme case, but one that seems to fit. Terrorists are always upset at the people in power, and so they kill the commoners that are associated with (read: under) those people in power. One extreme organization always wants to assault another, but the common people are the points of absorption. But in this case, we’re not dealing with Al Qaeda using citizens to drive their point home.

It’s the GOP.

I suppose if I wasn’t on a list, I am now.

I think this shutdown is the GOP’s last ditch effort to keep its Republic from crumbling. More and more people are becoming disenchanted with them, and I am all right with it. It’s not that I want to see Republicans leave completely. I want to see something other than a two-party system. I want to see people in the House and Senate that are from Green parties, Socialist parties, Libertarian parties and Pirate parties. We need a balance right now, because all we have is a see-saw of the same bad rhetoric on either side. If you bring other kids to the playground, it’s going to level it out and have many pulling influences to get what we need in this country.

So let the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot with this shutdown. The ACA is popular, and there is nothing unconstitutional about it. You lost Repubs, so deal with it.

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