In The Air

I still don’t think that it has truly set in. I have just left Phoenix, and it is dark outside. I will be in London in a little under nine hours. This has all been said over the com and I am still waiting for the tv crew to pop out and say, “Just kidding.”

27500 feet. Crying kid. Crowded cabin.

Hell yes. I am going to Germany.


Man, nine hours on a window seat on an airbus is really quite its own hell. But I have made the connecting flight and I am now about an hour and a half away from Berlin.

I made a German friend on the flight though. He seemed a bit more anxious than I about ensuring he made his connecting flight. With logic and patience, I showed him how Heathrow airport works. With connecting flights, they don’t announce what gate it is until an hour prior. Quite interesting really. But given the size of it, I am not surprised. The terminal I was at alone is likely the size of Sky Harbor.

But Mattias was fun to talk with. He told me that I was the only American he knew that he could talk to about anything. I was the least American “American” so to say. He said that, because of my earnest desire to explore history, and how open minded I was, that I would do fine in Germany.

He was very excited to get back to his family. They called him while he was at Heathrow. I felt how excited he was– probably as excited as I am about getting to Germany. It is hard to find these days, and I am glad I am in a family like this.

35 minutes until Berlin…. This is going to be amazing.

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  1. Enjoy the trip man you’ve earned it. I will be following your trip through the blog and look forward to hearing about your experiences up there.

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