I really haven’t felt this much fury towards a group before.. and then the thoughts spiraled

I was at the gym tonight, and while I was doing my warm up and stretches, I looked up to one of the TVs to see coverage about ISIL/ISIS. Then, I started thinking about the things I have seen on Reddit about their victims, and who they’re killing, and the people they’ve paraded before putting into mass graves…

My blood started to boil. But it wasn’t just about that. I was looking at a part of the human race that has devolved into this kind of senseless intent. It feels like they are hiding behind the mask of Islam– they’re not fighting for it, they’re using it as an excuse to massacre people.

And for the first time, I felt like enlisting in some type of service to go fight them. I know that to the last moment, I would not quit. I’d want to decorate my face with what I bled from their bodies. I would bring my thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition after I dipped each in pig blood.

At what point does the human race act as its own autoimmune defensive system and blatantly wipe out that which is infecting us? At what point do we say that lives lost would be worthwhile to ensure we’re cleansed of this type of disease?

And then morality kicks in: would that make us any better than them?

That’s what strikes me. They know no other group is willing to stoop down to their level. They know they’re on their own playing field because no one goes that low. We have to be PC in how we address this issue both on and off the battlefield that it’s a slow and arduous process. They’ve made their own red tape between us and them, that we must carefully dismantle.

Where do we find the group that

no one talks about because, despite how they do things, they clean out the trash? They take collateral damage in stride but ensure the rest of humanity is safe. They’re not well regarded, but we all know they’re a necessary “evil” if you believe in such a thing.

And when I thought that, it’s when I wondered if I’d be a part of that group. A group that, because of the blast radius of its operations, people would out the bad guys more easily because they didn’t want to get caught up in it. The group that no one accommodates, but respects.

And then I finally realized that this group would still be comprised of humans. And while the intention of eliminating the “bad guy” at any cost and perhaps being labeled that themselves, the wishes and sway of those in the group might make it something where it loses its purpose and deems all of humanity must bow to them.

Just like ISIS. Just like many other groups.

At that point, my anger turned inward because I knew that I am as vulnerable to such a thing as anyone else. I am human. They are human. This is what makes us up, is the need for violence to justify violence. An eye for an eye. And I found myself in it, and I felt dirty. Disgusted with myself.

By the time I finished that thought, I had done the last bit of my cardio. I realized that I’d resort to doing nothing, which is as disdainful as exercising the opposite end of the spectrum and exterminating with mass collateral damage. My redemption would be in realizing that there are good facets to humanity, too.

I just wish the garden was more free of weeds, so to speak.

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