The Blurred Line between The Internet and The Real Life

I wrote this up quick as a response to someone’s post about relationships being lost in the convenience of technology. I thought I’d share it here.

When things started happening online many years ago, like IRC and Yahoo chat, people were able to be at a masquerade party online when they wanted to be. The disconnect of the real world was easy and you could just tell people how you felt about things without issue. As time wore on, the internet and socializing became more integrated into our lives, and as a result, the line between contact and online was blurred. Now, chivalry seems lost on social networking and texting; how primitive we’ve become in our ability to text and chat, but not be able to communicate with our eyes, mouths and ears– to see someone’s body language, to hear the inflection in their voice, and to feel someone in your arms when they say I love you, and it’s all through text.

I refuse to let something like personable interaction die. I was asocial from the get go, but I will not talk to someone about something personal through a text message, a phone conversation or otherwise unless it is completely unavoidable and it cannot wait. Why are all of these things, like conversations, arguments, feelings, love, insecurity, jealousy, trust and intimacy lost on people anymore? Because people define what their love is by a relationship status on Facebook. Because convenience has rid us of intimacy, and has robbed us of chivalry.

I won’t change my ways. And I hope others reading this don’t, either.

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