The Weight of the Juror

In all sincerity, I have not paid attention to the Casey Anthony trial. I did not want to pay attention to it, because I was boycotting the attention it was receiving. I was boycotting the way the media was intricate about reporting every move, and making it so huge. And now, one of the jurors is afraid for her life because of the judgement call her and others had made.

There are so many groups out there that want justice for the Casey Anthony trial. It’s understandable; no girl should be robbed of a promising life. But neither should a juror that made a call in the justice system that has made the call that someone is not guilty. I see Facebook groups popping up, independent comments about how the mother and jurors should be lynched and murdered, and how the justice system “just doesn’t do right.” To those of you who are a part of this prejudicial wave, I have three words for you:

Go Fuck Yourself.

Let’s not forget that the American justice system was built on the case of a trial by peers. You (those mentioned) are so thirsty for blood and vengeance that you forget the reasons that this justice system was created in the first place. It was made to defend people who are innocent until proven guilty from single-track minded peeps like yourself. You want to reach out and shed blood because blood has been shed. You want to rob a life because a life has been robbed. If you are so blind as to simply reach out and say, “KILL HER! KILL HER!” then you are no better than the true murderer themselves.

I am not going to share my opinion on the trial because I did not follow it and cannot form an honest opinion on the matter. But let’s say that the justice system lets that happen… to the jurors and to the mother. And then we find out some years later someone else was actually responsible. What then? Just shrug and say, “Oops”? Is a woman’s life, and 12 other lives going to be ruined because the crying outpour of the public is just asking for blood, regardless of whose it is? Just target who seems most likely.

I also blame the media, and the courts for how this was handled. Because of what details were given, the media put a nice crosshair on the defendant. They also put a nice crosshair on each juror, when the names are released. I am sure, though, that there are groups out there looking to face match those people to find and behead them.

Would you want the same treatment from the public if you were placed in a situation? Where your daughter died and you are targeted despite being publicly cleared by a panel of 12 peers? More sickening yet, if the jurors had found her guilty, they would have been heralded as saints and bringers of vengeance. “An eye for an eye.” But it doesn’t matter whose eye, does it? You are all saying it wrong with this justice system that we have in place. You are all intent on seeing the most likely person hung for wrongs they may or may not have committed. You know what you should be outraged about?

“I am fucking upset they didn’t catch the person that did this.” Is this what is being heard?


“I hope Casey Anthony dies!”

“I hope that Casey Anthony has a long and painful battle with Cancer, which culminates in an unrelated deadly explosion.”

And there are others to find out there if you look.

That was not why this system was invented. This is not why people sought freedom when they saw the opportunity between 1774 and 1776. No one is perfect, but our justice system is fair. Whether you want to believe it or not, that is the case. Was Casey Anthony a bad mother? That may be the case. But, there are always other possibilities. For this, I point out Geraldo Rivera.

Regardless of how the Casey Anthony trial turns out, I hope it focuses renewed attention on the 3-5 American children killed each day in this country, usually by their parents, step-parents or some other adult in the home, usually the mother’s boyfriend.

This was found here.

Quit being blind to your reason because your rage is much easier to let loose. Put yourself in the position of the jurors. How comfortable would you be condemning the life of someone who you thought had enough evidence to say they didn’t commit¬† the crime, simply because your neck might be in the noose next?

Ya know what? These jurors didn’t. They stood up and said what they believed was the verdict. And given the weight of the situation, I would rather give them a medal than a hanging.

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