Wrought Iron, Intermission

So this is kind of a cheap shot, but this week’s entry is not a chapter, just an update.

Over the last few weeks, I have been either injured or busy, so I have run out of steam and just need to recoup myself. I’m hanging out with friends, but this coming week I am going to be doing two things for the story:

1) I am using this as an opportunity to put together a Facebook page for the story so people can “Like” it and get the word out. I want to get more traffic here so I can have more people read the story, because this is the full-bore version of me writing. And doing around 4k words a week with everything that’s been going on– including having the wind taken out of my sails with a back injury– I’ve needed to finally sit down and relax. I’ve moved rooms, and have been doing a few things with the job. Rest assured, the story is not dying. But I need you to tell people about it!

So share this on any social networking site you’re on! Tell people how much you love it, can’t wait for the next chapter, or how it saves you from boredom at work. The more the merrier, and it’ll help me garner some attention so I might be able to publish it later on.

2) When this weekend comes, I’ll have more free time to do this story. I feel like the last few chapters have been lackluster, and I think it’s because I am not sitting down and just getting in the groove of writing out at least three chapters or so at once. 10k words is an amazing feat, but easy when I’m in the zone. So next week, a new chapter will be out. You have my word on it.

More soon!


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