Reiter's Ramble

Despair: It’s incredibly difficult not to feel it sometimes

I know I needed some quiet time on vacation, so I’ve opted out of going to the Viking village over the last few days. Yesterday, I went out and did some photography, and I was quite happy with that. Today, I left myself to my thoughts, because I really hadn’t had time to think about the despair or curiosities that were in my mind.

Some days, it is more difficult to go through those waiting thoughts than others.

Writing Prompt Inspired – Death and the Stopped Hourglasses

This is inspired by a writing prompt found on Reddit, here.

” For centuries you’ve reaped humans when their time was up, never paying attention to their advancements in tech and healthcare, then one day every single hourglass just stops. “

I looked about, my eyes blinking in disbelief. I stood right near the Space Needle, looking around, and the sands had stopped for everyone. I held my ticket in my hand– I was intent on going up the Space Needle, but I looked around in disbelief.

“You’ve done it, my child,” the woman’s voice spoke. Goosebumps had risen over my skin, it had been ages.

Imagine a struggling woman

Imagine a woman who worked at a fast food place while going to school to get a better education. She works nights, educates during the day and then comes home to a small trailer. She doesn’t get to eat much, and her downtime consists of things like laundry and cooking. She makes around $24,000 a year at one point, and is trying to make ends meet.

Now imagine she has two sons.